Principal's Message

Prof. Rajendra Pawar

It is quite heartening to be the part of one of the reputed and Tech-Savvy institutes. It feels very proud when the management and institute is trying their level best to fulfill the dreams of the students into reality with taking concern about todays and tomorrow’s horizon of technology and dying to provide the path to achieve their targets. It is better to hop at the beginning rather than jump which will remove the burden and pressure of being a successful personality at the beginning.

Today’s young greenhorns are really capable to compete with any challenge which will occur through their path. Now a day’s today’s young generation is heavily equipped with enormous artillery in terms of talency, intellectuality and with concrete support of mass media and knowledgeable expertise in various fields. It needs only patting to boost their confidence so that one can rectify their innovations, ideas and bring them into reality which will uplift the moral of society in terms of knowledge and monetary benefits, to gear the county through different phases of development. Sensing nobody is perfect, what I feel being one of the important footfalls in this process, it is my burning desire to pour my whole hearted efforts to pierce them through any difficult mode during this brief but very important journey so that one can feel on the top of the moon.